Barcelona Araştırma İlkeleri Bildirgesi

İdil Sayımer Hocamızın, Halkla İlişkiler Enstitüsünün “Barcelona Araştırma İlkeleri Bildirgesinde ” yer alan yorumunu sizlere takdim etmekten gurur duyarım.

Bildirgeden Bir Kesit:

1. The Importance of Goal Setting and Measurement

Fundamentally important, goals should be as quantitative as possible and address who, what, when and how much impact is expected from a public relations campaign. Traditional and social media should be measured as well as changes in stakeholder awareness, comprehension, attitude and behavior. Paul Holmes was present and rightfully took exception with the measurement term “target audiences.” Instead, we need to think in terms of communities of “stakeholders” as the power of communications shifts from companies and institutions to communities of individuals.

Doc. Dr. İdil Sayımer’in Yorumu:

“While the implementation of measurable PR objectives bring many benefits on corporate reputation, the absence of them may easily cause loss of efficiency and considerable number of crisis. By avoiding to be “measure” focussed, I think PR industry today needs new and updated transparent measurement criteria especially for the social media. I agree with Tina about the conceptual basics, and I’ll be studying on this matter scholarly. Congratulations for the progress that has been made. Looking forward to see the additional Barcelona principles…

Doc. Dr. Idil Sayimer,Turkey.”

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