Google Search Trends: Public Relations

Google Search trends

Google has many specific statistical applications which allow  informing and finding significant result about your interests . “Google Search Trends”  is one of the most use applications and I will talk about its benefits for your internet  life.

GST application serves several advantages . For example, rates of the most searched word globally and locally, which city has high searching rate…etc.

It allows categorizing as a regional, local and year. Furthermore, you can also access visual, written and video of the term that you search.

There is also a graphical table in website which enables seeing research distributions of the term

When we write “Public Relations” to search bar in site of Google Search Trends, we can encounter interesting result.  İt is illustrated below  first 10 cities have high rate searching the term of “Public relations” in Turkey.

İstanbul: population is almost 14.000.000

Ankara: population is almost 4.000.000

Karaman: population is almost 230.000

İzmir: population is almost 3.000.000

Eskişehir: population is almost 600.000






The most interesting thing in this placement  is that Karaman is small city in Turkey, has 230.000 inhabitants . But, it is situated third city in searching “PR”.

Finally, we can discuss the result as a institutional, PR professionels and govermental why Karaman has been third city among big cities .

Now, it is sufficient.

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