Sandy Effect to US Presidental Election

Hurricane Sandy hitted New York and Washington costs before US presidental election. The hurricane affected the whole city of New York. The  metro stations, some roads and houses were also affected by hurricane. Big part of Mannathan has not still had electric in New York.

The President Barack Obama paused his election campigne for few days in order to check and get under control the damage of Sandy disaster to New York and near cities.  Barack Obama’s attitude in the election period as a president got respect and  support in the society says Assoc. Prof Dr. İdil Sayımer. This situation will also influence the election’s result.

 The hurricane was the most important case study for presidental candidates who are in an election period. Barack Obama conducted the process very well. The US presidental election will be probably affected by the hurricane.

Mayor of New York, M. Bloomberg mentioned  that he will vote Barack Obama in the election. This is the other positive reflection to Barack Obama before election.

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